One of the main reasons that make Netflix so popular across the globe is that it is a ridiculously intuitive user experience for everyone. Even a toddler can learn to use it without much direction. Many common tasks on Netflix (like picking a movie to watch or adding a film to your list) takes only a handful of steps and is a testament to their thoughtful design.

Most people love trying out new places to eat and experimenting with different cuisines. However, if you’ve ever gotten food poisoning from the new seafood place right before an important event, then you (like me) would be wary of trying a new eatery without reading any reviews first. My go-to for reliable restaurant reviews has always been Yelp.

Yelp is a website (and app) that rates businesses based on their user reviews and ratings to help you choose an eatery close to you. The information page includes how far the place is from you, hours of operation, menu with pricing…

A microphone icon signifying Voice Use Interface design on an indigo background.
A microphone icon signifying Voice Use Interface design on an indigo background.

When you ask Alexa to turn on your light or Google Home to check the thermostat, you are asking a device to think and act like a human. But how is it possible for these products to complete your requests and remember your preferences? The answer lies in information architecture (IA).

What is IA?

Information architecture is the system of organizing and structuring websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms and making it understandable for users. The World Wide Web holds a colossal volume of data, all of which is unstructured initially. Information architecture’s responsibility is to organize this content so that users…

When Google first unveiled its new product at the 2009 I/O conference, it seemed like an app like no other. Not only was Google Wave an original centralized workspace and collaboration platform before the remote-work boom, but it also tried to solve many of the same problems we’re still facing today. Google Wave was initially started to answer a simple question: “What would email look like if it were invented today?” …

I am a news junkie. I need my news first thing in the morning and at regular intervals throughout the day. Different people consume information differently; some go straight to news websites like NYTimes, WaPo, or USNews, while others like me rely on aggregators and algorithms to serve us the most relevant news of the day by the hour. The two products that do this job for me the best are Twitter and Youtube, but for very different reasons.

Good products respect their users’ time

I have always been a visual person, so reading walls of text does not come naturally to me. As Steve Krug…

Wajid Raza

UX Design

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